Lost Soul Kustoms 2015

​A basic rack with no expanded metal just a frame including powder coating is$280
A rack with expanded metal and powder coated starts at$320
A rack with 1 logo ad on starts at$380(Add ons include bolt on powder coated laser cut logos.) 
A full length rack with doors and expanded metal all the way around starts at$2,100
A full length lumber rack just the frame starts at $800​​​
One single add on that we already carry is$60(skull, longhorns, skull and dagger. praying hands, eagle) 

Custom add on logos vary by size, intricacy, and quantity. Please call us for a free quote.

​​Prices subject to change at any time without notice. These are not set prices they are estimates. The price of your rack may be different depending on what you need done. 
Headache rack with expanded metal
Headache rack with add ons
Single cut-out
Full length racks   $2,100​
Headache rack with bed tie downs $800
Tow Hitch $50